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    Coming VERY Soon...
    It’s time to #Celebr8!

    We’re only a few days away to the release of Code 8! Thank you so much for joining us here these past few years, it’s been a wild journey to get here and we’re so grateful for every single one of you for helping us get to this point!

    You’ll be able to catch Code 8 in multiple major U.S. cities on December 13th. Code 8 will also be hitting on demand platforms on December 13th, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu!

    The days around the release will be full of fun stuff including livestreams and giveaways, so join us on our social media channels and get ready to #Celebr8 with us! And hold onto your ticket stubs. They might come in handy later...

    Perks Updates!

    Digital Packages will be available on December 13th, so stay tuned for the movie link and access code landing in your email inbox soon!

    DVDs and BluRays, as well as Signed Scripts, will ship in the New Year, so your last chance to update your best shipping address will be January 8th. We appreciate everyone’s patience on these, we’re excited to finally get them out to you!

    Final Perks and Goodbye to Indiegogo!

    Our wonderful Indiegogo page will be closing for good on December 31st!

    With that, we’ll be selling off all of our remaining inventory, along with two new limited quantity items, which we'll be announcing later this week.

    We’re so excited to hear what you think of the movie and #Celebr8 together!


    Code 8 Team
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  • Самый адекватный фильм Тарантино, если не из всех последних современных фильмов.